Chiha was born in an oasis of the southern Tunisian Sahara.

As a little girl Chiha experienced  that it was very difficult for her to comply with the cultural values of her environment. Even her cycling was interpreted as an act of rebellion. Finally, her freedom of movement has been severely restricted, so that Chiha found very few resources available to console herself. That was when she discovered the bliss of music for herself and she began to sing.

As an adolescent Chiha’s talent was noticed and she received a scholarship for vocal studies at the University Nubat RASHIDIA in Tunis. During that time the desire to link different cultural music traditions emerged for the first time.

Later, as a citizen of Europe, Chiha was able to make her wish come true. So she created a mix of Arab-Andalusian tradition and current trends in European dance music. In cooperation with the Berlin drummer, pianist and music producer Matthias Trippner Arab-Pop-Music is combined with Drum’n’Bass,  House and Jazz-elements.
Through her regular concerts Chiha has become wellknown particularly in Germany, Uzbekistan, France, Japan, Latvia and the United States.

Chiha devotes her music especially to those people people who supported her and stood by her side.  And she is singing  for the women to whom so much has been taken away and to whom so many doors remain closed forever.

Mutual understanding, respect and love of people is all-important to her and also are the subjects of her songs.

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Chiha live at Carnival of Cultures, Berlin 2015

Paolo Eleodori: drums, David Beck: bass, Chiha/voc+perc, Miloud Messabih: keyb, akk, Redha Bendib: perc